Our first litter was a breeding of our Lucy to Boomer. Nine lovely puppies emerged and to date they are living up to all of their early promise. We kept a girl and named her, Addy (Cove's End Just Add Water). Addy traveled to Illinois for the Portuguese Water Dog Nationals at Rend Lake last September. She thrilled us by winning the Sweeps and placing second in the Futurity. She also won Best of Winners and Best of Opposite at the Winston Salem show this past December. Her brother Raz, (Cove's End St. Elmo's Fire) was third in the Futurity at Nationals. Raz recently returned from the January show circuit in FL where as the youngest boy of our breed, he landed two majors and 7 points towards his AKC Championship - way to go Raz! Raz completed his Championship in Greenville, SC at the age of 11 months. He is now doing what all young men do best and basking in the sun with his two female companions, indulging in as much pond and water time as he can and attempting to please his mom with lessons to be learned in basic Obedience and Agility, soon to be followed by Water Work.
Ms B, the third puppy from our litter to join us at Nationals achieved her Jr. Water Certificate at 6 1/2 months on her first attempt - all accomplishments which we are incredibly proud to share. Ms B cleverly landed her way in the hearts of Pete and Jenn Wenk where she resides in Beaufort, NC. Ms B (stands for Miss Behaving) works diligently each day to live up to her name. She resides with two PWD brothers, Schram and Walker. Schram as the senior gentleman of the family, had to show this young wipper snapper that even at an advanced age of 14, he too can swim and fetch in the water. Not to be outdone, Ms B spent the rest of the summer, working to out-swim and boat jump every contender that challenged her. Her ability to grasp new lessons is a credit to her owner/trainer/handler, Jenn as well as her clearly superior intelligence.
We held a puppy rendezvous last fall, hosted by Raz at his pond in Creedmoor, NC. Sierra brought her humans from Ohio so she could attend and quickly showed us that she remembered her earlier swimming lesson. We smiled as we heard accounts of Sierra demonstrating her brilliance in an early puppy class by showing her classmates how to jump into a puppy pool and shower everyone with water. She was asked not to out shine the rest of class quite so often as she continued in puppy class. She has a PWD brother Cisco who has shared the art of counter surfing with her and from all accounts, her climbing skills are near legendary.
Abaco made it to the pond after a move with her family to W. VA. She has been described as having a fairly operatic voice and showed that she may be very lady like but given a few minutes to think about it, the challenges of swimming and jumping off of a boat are certainly within her capabilities.
Betsy lives with her PWD brother Oscar and has not let his superior water talents or strength out do her for a moment. She’s perhaps best know as the great lover, happy to shower each of us in kisses at any given moment. She often joins her litter brother Raz for adventures at the Flebotte pond and has managed to wretched up the activity level in her home from high to very high. Her love for the water at an early age included trying to swim laps in the toilet, the girl simply had to take advantage of life's opportunities.
Gus moved to SC and is proudly part of his special human, Anna. Pictures of them visiting New England last summer, basking on the lake with Anna's friends show that he, like his father, truly loves young people.
Pesci has recently returned to her birth state and now resides in Sanford, NC with her parents, Fred and Peg Burton. From all accounts, she has her mothers drive and determination and we're looking forward to reconnecting with her this summer for land training and water work.
Brisa took up residence in GA and started water work with our good friends Tom and Judy Leather there last summer. From all accounts, she's a natural. She has also started tracking as she's recently recovered from a toe injury. Brisa made her AKC show debut at Raleigh and won her class on Sunday, followed by another wonderfully successful weekend in Newnan, GA where she won her class and Best of Opposite two days running.  Even as a young pup, it was clear that Brisa shares in her mother "fire in the belly" type of drive and we imagine this girl will be center stage and forward as 2010 evolves.
Most importantly, we continue to hear how well these puppies have adapted to all of their experiences. The Cove's End puppies are demonstrating the character and temperament to be winners in every area of their young lives. There's a cute video clip on You Tube titled: "Portuguese Water Dog Puppies at 14 weeks." It was taken at the Flebotte Pond, in Creedmoor, NC - home of Raz. Seeing these kids swim and jump off the boat and returning to shore at such an early age is inspiring.


 Born 3/28/2010
Lucy's (CH Ebb Tides's Love of Cove's End RN, AWD, WWD, NAJ, NA) is the proud mother of this litter and the father is Diesel "PWD TIDEWATER HIGH WAVE RIDER, CH - Owned by Margaret White, CJ Favre and Judy Roland. Diesel went Best of Breed at three shows shortly before these puppies were born.
This is Lucy's second litter. Three puppies from her frist litter went to the PWD National Speciality in 2009, the two that showed in confirmation were first, second or third in each class entered and the amazing Ms B, passed her Jr. Water Certificate at 7 months. We have high hopes for the fur kids from this litter too.