When looking for a sire for this litter, I knew we wanted a dog that was structurally correct with a lovely temperament and personality plus - Diesel certainly fit the order. As I made inquiries among friends about Diesel, I heard more than once that Diesel never meets a stranger, he's simply "Mr. Personality", here's what his mom has to say about him:

Ch. Tidewater's High Wave Rider (a/k/a "Diesel") is a very special boy and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our family.   His temperament couldn't be better - he is sweet, affectionate and loves to cuddle; yet at the same time, he's confident and always ready to go at a moment's notice.  
He came to us when he was 22 months old and there really was no transition period for Diesel - he immediately made himself comfortable and at home with us and acted as though he belonged there - in spite of not being exactly "welcomed with open arms" by our other PWD Windy.   He took that in stride, however, and it didn't seem to bother him in the least.   Apparently he was confident that he could win her over - as he seems to do with everyone he meets - and within two days, Diesel and Windy were good buds, playing and romping together - and she was happily sharing her domain with him.    She is quite dominating and feels personally responsible to keep him in line and to make sure he understands that she is queen-of-the-manor.   He doesn't seem to even notice her dominance - and her attitude doesn't affect his own charming presence in any way.   
I frequently find myself literally "laughing out loud" at his antics.   He simply exudes cute.   I am especially amused when he is sometimes simply hanging out with me while I'm doing some paperwork, and I glance over at Diesel relaxing nearby, head up and alert with one front leg folded and crossed over the other at a 90 degree angle and looking as though he is surveying his subjects.   He can be quite entertaining at times, and even when he's stealing cushions or pillows, shoes, socks or who-knows-what-else, he is charming.   It is hard to be angry with him for very long - I even find myself laughing amid my momentary irritation with him, because he has such a carefree spirit.   It is difficult for Diesel to be excited and/or greeting his people with nothing in his mouth - and he is just as likely to quickly scoop up the shoe you are trying to put on - before you even realize it's gone -- as anything else lying in his path!   He is the personification of a "mouthy" PWD.   I was warned that Diesel has a thing for pillows and cushions - and it's true!   Of course, he finds them to be very useful for resting, relaxing and sleeping - but he thinks they are fascinating toys as well!   He usually starts out by romping with Windy, then rolling around on his back on the cushion/pillow, then biting/chewing a corner, then dragging it flamboyantly to various other locations, and finally as the excitement mounts and he moves in for the kill, he starts ripping and tearing it.   I arrived to find green "snow" everywhere and the cushion in tatters after one such adventure!
Diesel can also be quite vocal when things don't suit him - and I'm sure if you put music to it, voice experts would be quite amazed at his "range."   He had not been with us too long when one day I took Windy outside for some training, leaving Diesel secure in his crate.   My husband, who was working on the computer upstairs, flew downstairs in response to Diesel's very loud, mournful screaming and wailing, thinking he must surely be in serious physical distress - expecting possibly to find a limb severed or something equally amiss.   No, Diesel was fine physically - just expressing his discontent that he had been left alone while Windy got to go out and play . 


Diesel at 2009 Nationals
Diesel being goofy
Diesel at home
Diesel earns his Appentice with father Mark and Moms