Cove's End PWDs Receives National Breeder Recognition

In the spring of 2013 we were awarded a PWDCA "Breeder Achievement Award" and learned that we had tied among breeders for 5th place nationally.

The award represents an honor that is bestowed on us as a result of the achievements of our puppies. We continue to be grateful for the wonderful homes our puppies have, especially those that give their dogs the opportunity to be the outstanding working dogs that they are bred to be. At Cove's End PWDS, we are proud of our dogs and their achievements that have led to the "PWDCA Breeder Achievement Awards" we received in 2013 and 2012, as well as our recognition by the AKC of being a "Breeder of Merit."

Each title earned by a Cove's End PWD represents time spent with your dog. It requires true commitment to spending the time and mastering the skills required to work as a team. Engaging in an activity with your dog crosses over to all areas of your relationship. Learning to approach this through positive reinforcement lends to a deep level of trust. The titles that accompany these successes are humbling and exciting. We've never met a dog yet who dreams about a title, they live to please us. Enjoy the journey and remember that the titles are for us humans.

In addition to being a beloved family member and pet, you can share Water Work, Agility, Tracking, Therapy, Obedience, Rally and so much more. PWDs are exceptionally talented and intelligent, deeply loving and very much in need of families who can understand their need to be true working dogs, however they are happiest when they have a job that challenges their energy and intelligence.

As breeders, we continue to strive to breed dogs that are sound in temperament and structure, with the drive, intelligence and enthusiasm that sets our breed apart. These very qualities are, to our way of thinking, the essence of PWDs. We also recognize that these wonderful, exuberant, intelligent, and loving dogs, are simply more dog than many people understand or have the time and resources to deal with, and hence, simply not for everyone.

Cove's End puppies have excelled and titled in conformation, water, rally, CGC tests, tracking and agility. They have so much more to offer than just being the dog that sleeps on the couch, walks with you and fetches their toys. We strongly encourage our owners to build the bridges that take your relationship to one where your puppy shares in many facets of your family life. Puppy socialization is a must, ongoing classes are a way to enrich your lives and theirs.

If you think you would like to be on a wait-list for a Cove's End Puppy, please start with filling out and e-mailing our puppy questionnaire. After I've reviewed it, we can arrange an interview call. Our goal is to find the bestpossible homes for our puppies starting with understanding what type of puppy best suits your home and lifestyle. We also need to help you understand what it's like to live with a PWD.