Boomer was the first PWD to join our family. He quickly established our passion for PWD's. Boomer acheived his AKC Championship easily, he went out with his handler three times and finished, won his class at Nationals and our perspective on success was warped for all time. Since his Championship, Boomer has earned titles in Rally and Agility and continues to teach us the joys of performance and teamwork.
Boomer has helped us raise each of the girls (Lucy, Bliss and Addy) and he sired a litter with Lucy last year. His kids from that litter are currently out showing and starting competition in performance. Raz followed in his father's footsteps and won his Championship at 11 months, Addy went to the PWD Nationals where she won the Sweeps and placed second in the Futurity. Ms B came home from Nationals with a Jr. Water Certificiate and Brisa recently won Best of Opposite two consequetive days in Newnan, GA. We look forward to seeing more is the Boomer/Lucy puppies acheive great things as the years goes on.
Boomer simply loves cheese and will do almost anything for it; he thinks Ottoman's were made for his personal comfort, second only to the chair I'm about to sit in. He takes delight in exploring the contents of every handbag he can put his face in. He also is a very stealth counter surfer, seldom every having been caught in the act.
When I became confused on an agility course, Boomer stood there a little like a pretzel, waiting for me to give him the required information for the next obstacle, his kind and loving personality are always cherished. Spinning and bowing are characteristics behaviors for Boomer, he simply loves to steal the show.
Boomer in Water Trial
Boomer on the Couch