Bliss (CH Deer Chase's Christmas Bliss at Cove's End, AWD, WWD)
Bliss is my velcro dog extraordinaire, she is happiest attached to Ron or I. She is deeply loving, loyal and a true powerhouse of an athlete. At two, she won 3 4pt. majors in FL this year) and earned her second Water Title - WWD, followed by finishing her AKC Championship the first day of the Roanoke/Salem shows. She wrapped up the week with her Champtionship, 7 points and 1 Major towards the AKC Grand Championship and a Best of Breed. Bliss is now turning her energies towards Agility. She represents everything I truly cherish in a performance dog - focus, determination, a desire to please and of course, a personal love for doing it.
Bliss was bred by Margaret White and when the breeding was taking place, I floated the idea of adding a third PWD to our family past Ron. He never responded and I made up my mind that the decision had to be his, without my manipulating the outcome. I never mentioned it again. She was born on Chirstmas day. For Christmas, Ron gave me a box of chocolates, in the box was an envelope that said "You never know what you're going to get in a box of chocolates". The envelope contained a check for Bliss - truly the most wonderful gift I've ever received.
Bliss first run at open
Bliss at work
Bliss FL Major
Bliss Jumps for Joy
Bliss working bag drag