Addy (Cove's End Just Add Water, AWD, WWD)
Addy is a puppy from our first litter out of Lucy (CH Ebb Tide's Love of Cove's End, RN, AWD, WWD, NA, NAJ) and our Boomer (CH Cove's End Dream Come True RN, NA, NAJ). Just when we think we know what to expect, she surprises us with a new behavior, so typical of our breed. She has her mother's drive and tenacity, her dad's sweet insistence and her own special measure of percocious, sometimes demanding and always amusing behavior. At 18 months, she's working on her AKC Championship, won the Sweeps and was second in the Futurity at the PWD National Speciality, has earned her Junior Water Certificate, Apprentice Water Title, Working Water Title and is starting to work on Agility.
We almost gave up on Addy at birth as she was slow to take her first breath, thank God she came around. She loves to tug and when we humans simply aren't remembering that dogs need their share of attention, Addy will find a toy and position herself right in front of us, followed by a demanding bark as if to say, "it's my turn now".
She proved herself to be a true working dog at the Callaway Water Trial this summer when the float line blew away with an incoming storm. She put her head and neck deeper in the water and swam with the wind, determined to complete her task. I'll never forget her determination and courage and am so glad she stayed with us.
Addy is now working on Obedience and Agility and hopes to make lots of new freinds as she masters those skills.
Addy at 2009 Nationals
Addy with mom at 1st water camp
Addy with float line
Addy - 1st trial earns Jr. Cert. and Apprentice Title